In calculus, dY/dX stands for the rate of change in Y with respect to X.

About the Blogger. Francis Yerro Capistrano, a.k.a. Kapi, was a journalist who probably asked too many questions and that’s why he’s now in the development sector. He brings his core skills of asking questions, interrogating assumptions, and telling stories (and also, being super nutty with data and diagrams) into public sector reform and innovation, strategic communication, and monitoring and evaluation. He is a fiscal transparency and open governance geek, has a love-hate relationship with procurement, and is obsessed with the quest for the elusive counterfactual.

He’s currently the Head of Experimentation of UNDP Philippines’ Accelerator Lab. See Kapi’s LinkedIn page for further information on his professional background. Though he posts in this blog about work-related things, all opinions expressed herein are his own and not necessarily reflective of the official position of his current and former employers or consulting clients. 


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